All tree care disciplines carried out, such as:

Felling & Take Downs
This is the complete removal of tree or trees. This can be felled from the base if space allows, or the tree can be climbed and removed in manageable pieces so as not to damage objects in close proximity such as fences, utility wires, sheds, greenhouses, garages or houses.

This is the reducing in height or spread of larger trees to give the tree a better shape or more light to the garden. This can also aid in removing weight or length from longer and unstable branches. All cuts done to good arboticultural practice.

Crown Lifting
Crown lifting is removing of lower branches on a tree to a desired height to give greater ground clearance for cutting grass, etc, or access over roads and pavements for vehicles and pedestrians. This can greatly increase the aesthetics of a tree.

This is involved in both of the above two but can also be done to thin out branches of dense trees and for fruit production when carried out at the correct time of year for specific trees.

Stump Grinding
Complete removal of stumps and larger roots to below ground level to allow for landscaping etc

All hedge planting, trimming, maintenance and hedge laying carried out.

If you are unsure as to what you need, just give us a call and we will be happy to provide advice, information or a quote for the work you need.